Sunday, January 31, 2010

Handmade Faux Leather and another Page Maps Contest

PageMaps is having another sketch contest. I love PageMaps sketches!

Here is my entry:

These are pictures of my son waaay back when he was 4 years old. (Uh, that's like 14 yrs ago, yikes! I told you I was way behind!) He thought he was so big, tough, and cool in his new jeans and cowboy boots! He was strutting like a little Big Man (hence the title of the page). I made the background paper with cardstock and a stamp. I used scraps of denim from some old jeans and some 'leather patches' that I made out of cardstock. Yep, that's cardstock! I stamped a layer of the Ranger Tea Dye distress ink and heat embossed with clear powder. I then did a second layer of Tea Dye and clear embossing powder and while it was still hot, I stamped into it with the star stamp and let it cool before removing the stamp. I then took a paper towel and some Staz On Black and 'smooshed' the ink into the impression left by the stamp and around it. This gives it a 'burnt' leather look.

Monday, January 18, 2010

So far behind & using what you have

Today I'd like to share a layout I did with some pictures of my son from a few years ago. First of all, I probably should explain just how far behind I am in scrapping. You will see pictures of my son from the time he was a newborn baby until his current age of 18. And uhhhh...*cough cough* that's 18 YEARS old, not 18 MONTHS. Now, don't panic. I'm not a chronological scrapper, I just scrap whatever pictures call out to me when I reach back into the photo boxes. So, it's not like I have the entire 18 years still to do. But, yeah, I have to be honest--I'm still way behind. In my defense, though, he got a good 12 year head start on me. Do you know how much living and pictures can occur in 12 years? ALOT! But, it certainly doesn't help that I don't get huge chunks of time to play with my scrapbooking and that I'm so incredibly slooooooow at it, too! Ha ha! But you know, someday they will all get done and, besides, I enjoy the process so isn't that the important thing? Yeah, that's what I tell myself anyway.

This layout is about dear son doing his homework. I used to have to make him sit in the kitchen so I could keep him focused. If I didn't, it'd take all night for him to just do his spelling words! (Luckily, he grew out of this phase....) The 'notebook paper' is actually handmade. Originally I had chosen to use a sheet of actual notebook paper. But after looking at it and seeing how much it had already yellowed and how brittle it was after a short time (I know I just bought that notebook within the last year or so), I could only imagine how it would look after a few years in a scrapbook. So, I opted to use it as a guide and make my own. I took some thin white cardstock you get inside your scrapbook page refills and I simply drew my lines on with markers and a ruler. And no, I didn't get them perfectly straight. But, as long as the white space at the top and bottom were even, you couldn't tell that some of the lines were a bit off. The pictures covered them up enough. I then took a regular 1/4" hole punch to make the three holes down the side and a 1/8" hole punch to make the 'binding' holes. Once I got the binding holes punched, I cut them open with my scissors, wrinkled them up, and even ripped a few pieces off. After all, I wanted it to look like I had ripped it right out of a notebook, right? I rounded the corners on the right side, and **ta da** I had some notebook paper. I also tried my hand at doodling on the points of the star. That was my attempt to try and make the star look less like a sun. Still kind of looks like a sun to me but, oh well. The books and (part of the) pencils, I actually freehand cut. For the books, I just took different size rectangles of cardstock and cut out the 'inside' of it making sure to leave nice rounded edges. I then took some white cardstock, ran it through a crimper, and adhered that to the back of my 'books.' I thought they turned out very well, and that the crimping gave the appearance of page edges. For the pencils, I used a template for a crayon. But the crayon was much shorter than I wanted my pencils to be, so I traced one end of it, then moved the template down and traced the other end of it, and used a ruler to fill in the middle. I took an embossing tool and traced two parallel straight lines down the body of the pencil, to mimic that multi edged look of a pencil. And of course, a crayon doesn't have an eraser, so I used the crayon end on the template but cut it a little taller. I also had to cut the writing end with a sharper tip than the crayon template. Never overlook how you can change or adapt a template to fit your needs. The coolest thing (I think) about this page though is the 'pencil line' I made going down the left side. That is actually embroidery thread in the color of pencil lead. I used a needle to pull the thread up at the end of my pencil, then with my glue pen (fine tipped), I glued the thread down in a wave-y line down the paper, then folded it around the edge of the paper and taped it to the underside. I then wrote with a gray color pencil the journaling on the notebook paper. I thought this gave the illusion that the pencil had been used for doodling on the sheet of paper (something my son was very known to do instead of writing his spelling words, by the way!). I could have just drawn the line with the color pencil, but I thought the thread gave it more dimension and depth.

I'd also like to share some cards that I've made over the last few weeks. One is a thank you card for my neighbor (she makes and shares the BEST cheesecakes, EVER!) and a birthday card for a friend. Both of these cards were also for weekly color challenges over at Paper Craft Planet.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Here is a Valentine's Day card I made for my dear husband. I used a heart image out of my stamp collection that's by Autumn Leaves. This is an older set, I've had it for several years.