Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Layout for Mom

Here's a layout that I did for another PageMaps sketch contest. Part of the contest was to do a page about something or someone you appreciate. The word "appreciate" didn't have to be part of the page, but just had to include something you were thankful for. So, I did a page for my Mom, or "Mama" as I still call her. (Yeah, I'm from the South...) Mama and I haven't always agreed on things or seen eye to eye, but I'm always thankful that she's always been there for me. She's taught me so much, both in words and definitely by example, and I hope I have learned most of all how to be that kind of Mom myself. Anyway, on to the layout.:

The two pink flowers I made out of...Coffee filters! Yep! A crafty girl on a budget has to get creative with the things she has on hand! The trim on the left is some crocheting I did, just kind of made up my own pattern as I went, then threaded some ribbon through. The thing in the top right hand corner is supposed to be a butterfly! Now, don't laugh at it! It's just sheer ribbon that I folded round and round (securing each layer with glue dots) for each wing, then laid the wings across each other, and secured together with more glue dots. The body is the body from a butterfly sticker. The body matched my layout colors, but the wings did not. So, I cut the body out, attached some fine gold thread for antenna and attached it to the wings. Not sure I'm happy with the way it looks, but it's kinda cute so will probably keep it on there. All in all, I like my Mom layout, weird butterfly and all.