Monday, January 17, 2011

January is a new beginning, thank goodness!

So, I've been in a bit of a crafting drought for the last several months. I did go to an all day crop in October and got several pages done (no pictures of them, yet, I have to drag them back out for that soon, though) and I somehow managed to get my Christmas cards done. And no, no pictures of those either. After all that big talk a few months ago about making them ahead of time so there'd be no stress, I ended up waiting to the last minute, as usual. I barely got them done in time to get them to my family by Christmas, so no, no pictures of them. But other than those projects, I've done nothing--nada--zilch--zero. However, January is a new page on the calendar, thank goodness, and I must have found my way out of the crafting slump. My old friend, Scrappy Mojo, came by for a visit. We had a nice long talk, spent some quality time together, and now I have these new pages to show. (Of course, it helped that I was snowed in for a week and couldn't go anywhere!) Oh, and you'll see a new face in some of these pages, as I have a new step granddaughter, born in November. (Isn't she a cutie?)