Monday, September 17, 2012

Time to Play!

Hi, all!  I am so happy and thankful that I have had time to play with my Counterfeit Kit this month!  Here are two pages I have already done.  (Or is it considered one?  It's a double page, so does that count as one or as two?  Hmm....)  The first challenge over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge is to use an old item in our stash.  Well, these pages have brads on them, and they are as old as they come!  Of course, the largest portion of my stash is old, so it really wasn't a stretch.  And if I can be honest, I was going to add the brads to these pages even before the challenge was issued.  So, not sure if I'm cheating or not! Ha ha!  (I also used an old tool that hadn't seen daylight in a while-my templates.  Just sayin', you know, in case that helps my cause any!)

 These pages are about my son's 2nd birthday party.  (Reminder: he's almost 21 years old now, so these are certainly not current photos!)  First, the two pages together:

And here's each page in more detail:

The number 2 used in the title on page 1 is actually a chipboard letter, a lower case "a" with some strategic cutting to make it into a number 2.  I used a combination of Spellbinder dies and an old template to cut the ovals.  I only have one set of the oval dies, and it happened that the next sized oval up was too big for the look I wanted.  I should get the other set of oval dies that has all the "in between" sizes from mine, but I just don't want to spend the money right now. So, I improvised and used my trusty old oval template to draw and hand cut the sizes I needed.  Hey, it works for me!

I'm also working on another page now, using that great sketch provided from CKC the other day.  I'm almost finished with it, so will be posting it soon!

Thanks for dropping by and happy crafting!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Copy That & MIA

It's that time of month again!  Time to play with Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  This month's inspiration kit is the Birds of A Feather August 2012 kit:

I really like the colors and the embellishments.  And some of the embellishments look like they'd be really easy to copy.  (Bonus!)

I didn't get to play *i.e. scrapbook, craft, create, make kits, etc.* as much as I'd have liked to the last couple of months.  (More on that in a minute.)  But, because of that, my July counterfeit kit has gone completely untouched and it's too good of a kit to just put away and forget.  (August was completely skipped, but more on that in a minute.)  So, I decided to go with a small kit for this month.  Here's my version of the September kit that I call "Let's Play" (because it's time for me to get back to playing/crafting/creating/etc.):
It all started with the star paper in the top right corner.  As soon as I saw the starburst paper in the inspiration kit, I thought of this star paper in my stash that I'd been holding on to for like, forever.  I knew I wanted to do a layout of some pictures of my son when he was a toddler with this paper, but just hadn't "got around to it."  (How many things to we all have like that?)  So, I knew it was time to get it finally done! (*cough* Should I mention that my son is now almost 21 years old?  Nah, let's just move on....)  The rest of the papers were just pulled from that.  I didn't include any cardstock, because I thought the pattern papers in the bottom left hand corner can be used instead.  I will add cardstock as I go, if I find a need to.

Here are some purchased embellishments (stickers and rubons),  chipboard letters, stamps, bakers twine, and twill ribbon I hope to use up.  And, yes, you read the prices right on those two packs of stickers and rubons.  I only paid $1 each for those at a local yard sale.  (Score!)

Here are the embellishments that I made to copy those in the inspiration kit:
I used some Cuttlebug dies to cut the flowers from felt, and I went ahead and cut some stars too, since I know I mostly do boy layouts.  The "rulers" are to mimic the ruler washi tape in the inspiration kit.  I made those with  some ink and Cuttlebug embossing folders (except for the blue one which was cut from some product packaging).  The canvas banners and pennants are cut from some scrap material (my husband's old stained shirt that I knew I'd kept for a good reason!) and handsewn along the edges.  I decided to wait on adding any eyelets or brads until I'm actually using them on a page, that way I can color coordinate them if I choose to.  Otherwise I will probably just put silver eyelets on them like the inspiration kit has. The paperclips I made by just slipping some regular paperclips through some bows that I had received in a goodie package from a friend many moons ago and never used (used a spot of glue to make sure the bows didn't slip off).

Here are some journaling cards that I cut with some Sizzix and Spellbinder dies (then inked the edges of the kraft ones with white paint), and some hand made envelopes.  Not sure how or if I'll use the envelopes, but we'll see what happens as I go.

I, of course, reserve the right to pull more stamps (especially alphabet stamps) and maybe some brads or buttons as I go.

I hope to get to play with this kit, as well as my July kit (see my last blog post below for that one), and finally get some pages made for my albums.  Like I said before, I haven't got to play for a couple of months now and have been MIA.  And I certainly have missed playing!!  Unfortunately, I had some health issues to take priority, and they led to a surgery which led to some recovery time.  Thank God, and I'm thankful for the fact, it was nothing life threatening or will need no major follow up treatments.  But, it certainly caused an interruption to "Normal Life."  (Of course, that's a relative term, because is life really any thing like normal around here? Ha ha). But now, I'm at the end of my recovery where I feel ok, but not released to go back to work yet, so I can play (without the guilt) for a while.  Of course, in a week or two, it will be back to work and back to "Normal Life." :)  If I can be honest, it's a bitter sweet thing! :)

Thanks for dropping by and happy crafting!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Counterfeit-ing Fun

Counterfeit-ing is fun!  Counterfeit Kitting, that is!  I've been lurking around over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge for quite a while now.  Each month, they profile a designer scrapbook kit then challenge you to come up with your own version of it using your own stash.  Then they give you tutorials on how to make your own counterfeited embellishments, rather than buy, and they even give you challenges to use your "new" kit.  I *love* the concept!  Who wouldn't?  But, I was just never sure if using a kit was for me.  I've been concerned that I wouldn't have any pictures to use to match the kit, or that my pages would all start looking the same, or that I would simply get bored with just choosing from a select few items.  But, I've so thoroughly enjoyed watching the design team and other followers build their kits, make their embellies, and create so many pages.  And I noticed that none of their pages never looked "all the same" but instead had lots of variety and fresh looks, and covered so many different types of pictures (events, etc.) and, more importantly, they were all having so much fun!  Well, I finally just had to give it a try!  At first, I thought I'd keep in small and simple, you know, just to try it out.  But, as you will see below, I kind of got a little carried away, and well, it's anything but small!

This month, the Counterfeit Kit Challenge's inspiration is a kit called Summer Boardwalk from Citrus Twist:
 I love the colors and the feel of this kit, and I could already mentally pick which photos in my photo box I could use it for!  I went to my stash and started pulling things!  I, sadly, am so out of "fashion" with my scrapbook supplies that I did not have any of the trendy chevrons, or that beautiful coral color, or even any of that brilliant turquoise, all of which I love so much!  But, I made do with what I do have and I think I captured the same feel.  Here is my kit, that I call "Summer Twist":

With some of the sheets, I pulled two of the same design, in case I wanted to make 2 page layouts and needed the extra, while others are singles (mostly because they were the only one left). I also added lots more cardstock than the inspiration kit because I find I typically use alot. I also included some scrap pieces and sheets from some small paper pads (seen in lower left corner). I even included a piece of repurposed packaging because it happen to be laying on my craft table and it matched (lower right corner)!  Instead of a vintage book page like the inspiration kit had, I just included some text patterned paper.

Here are the embellishments that I pulled together:

For alpha's, I pulled the unused sheet from a store bought page kit that I never used and I also pulled my ColorBok Alpha Punch Out Pad. I've had that pad for years and have used so little of it, but not sure why. It has like a dozen different color of alphas in there, all of which match this kit. So, hopefully, I can finally use some of it! If I should find that I need something else, then I reserve the right to pull out either my alpha stamps or alpha die cut sets (my "fall back" teams!). I've included some cardstock flowers, frames, jeweled brads, and journaling tags. Instead of thread like the inspiration kit, I have some old "fibers." Remember that stuff? Instead of washi tape, I just have ribbon and some border stickers. I've included some already sewn bits of cardstock (left over from another project but too neat to throw away). Instead of linen fabric, I have some scrap white sheer fabric. I thought it felt light and breezy, and reminded me of summer. I discovered I don't really have that many phrase stickers or cardstock phrases, but I just threw in what I have. The only stamp I pulled is my new Seven Gypsies journal block stamp. But, I have soooo many phrase and word stamps, and well just stamps in general!, that I reserve the right to pull from them as I go along. I included some white, off white, blue and green buttons, and even some beach themed buttons, since I hope to use this kit for some beach photos.

The inspiration kit has some really neat shaped wood pieces, of which I have nothing like in my stash. I did include a couple of phrase stickers that I found that had a woodgrain-ish background, and some heart and star shaped buttons that had a woodgrain-ish appearance. I also hope to try my hand at counterfeiting some more wood grain embellies using the tutorials that CKC has already posted.

Well, that's it for my very first counterfeit kit! I have to say that I'm quite proud of the kit I've pulled together, and I had a LOT of fun doing it! Counterfeit-ing is fun! I'm sorry I haven't tried it sooner! Now, I'm afraid I might have made a little TOO BIG of a kit, especially when you consider what little scrapping time I have these days. But, I figure it's a learning experience either way, I can always keep it together and use it even after this month is over (after all, there are no rules or expiration dates), and the worst that can happen is that I have to put all the stuff back where I got it from in a few months if not used. But, in the meantime, I could possibly get alot of use out of it and possibly/probably will use up alot of my stash and get some great pages for my albums!

Yeah, I think I like my counterfeit-ing. Now, to start using it!

Until next time, happy crafting!

Been a while.....

So, it's been a while since I've posted to my blog.  Doesn't mean I haven't been crafting and creating, because I have been.  Since I got my new job a few months ago (Yay!), I just find that I don't have as much crafting time as I used to.  When I do get the time, I want to spend it doing more, well, crafting, rather than wrestling with the dinosaur (our old slow computer) to upload pictures and post.  But, now that I'm getting back in to the swing of things with a full time job and handling all the house/family/life things, I hope to start posting some.  Plus, I have some new things I want to try......

Until next time, happy crafting!